(Lyrics) Ginger Trill – Frompotchwithlove

Ginger Trill Frompotchwithlove Lyrics
Ginger Trill Frompotchwithlove Lyrics

Ginger Trill Frompotchwithlove Lyrics: Here are the lyrics of Frompotchwithlove by Ginger Trill off his From Potch With Love album. Read along.


Ginger Trill Frompotchwithlove Lyrics

I give ’em somethin’ to kick into, soon as I tap into my spiritual
Niggas been dying for clout, I’m living proof
Against all odds I’ve been the truth
Still standing, too dope to pass a physical
I’m transcending past the physical
This is forever, the spitten word is biblical
I live through a verse, a maricale
I’m giving you the game, it’s pivotal
That’s just what a nigga do
No influencer, the illest to
Kick influenza on instrumental and kill a few
Some of my best writtens were just interludes
Couldn’t break it down in a interview, just listen to my pictures, you gon’ get the slideshow in a few
Word is, the only one in a ride when you in a coupe
And birds just, want a little vibe and a rhythm too
Finna give her the [?], they’re in a mood, you in it boo?
Your favourite rapper is kitty poo
And I’ll knock him off his pedestal
I’m in my prime at the pinnacle
And in my rhymes is a little jewel
I’m underground with the minerals, yeah
That’s how they crown me the trillest
I’m ’bout it, ’bout it, I’m with it
Pound for pound I’m the realest
How that sound when I kill it?
Not a sound ’til I’m finished
The body count is relentless
Shut it down if I’m in it
Was down and out for a minute, counted out by the critics
Ridin’ round with my niggas who down to cut up a [?]
So we out of town with the business
Hidin’ out in the villas
Climbing hours of mission, we wildin’ out cause we did it nigga

Where’re you from in the hood?
You’re from Potch

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