(Lyrics) MashBeatz ft A-Reece & IMP THA DON – Round of Applause

MashBeatz Round of Applause Lyrics

MashBeatz Round of Applause Lyrics

MashBeatz Round of Applause Lyrics: Check out the lyrics of the song by MashBeatz featuring A-Reece and IMP THA DON called “Round of Applause”.


MashBeatz Round of Applause Lyrics

Classic hip hop shit
I’m in this bitch with Krish and we kick it like this

[Verse: IMP Da Don & A-Reece]

Yo! how bout a round of applause?
For the most consistent anything they came kicking out these niggas with bars
Independent rock-stars, we just focused on the music hence we living on the charts all these other niggas far
Chopping up the loops and then I knock it out the park
Put a dagger to your heart like a star
Yo, Tell em who you are B

I’m the Don out the west, I been on this quest to perfect my steps
I been watching from the bench and now that I’m the shit they can’t stand my stench, don’t excuse my french
How bout a round of applause? we been running it hard ?
In 2016 we were in my garage, even in hard times we were beating the odds
Left the game for a while and everything was just off

He do a song to survive, what I’m doing it’s art
For as long as I’m alive, imma keep it from y’all
You niggas don’t deserve it I go ahead and preserve
I’m the chosen one like Moses, cause I came with the word! yeah

[Verse: Krish]

Never sold out or never faked it
Once I get a mill my blessings forever raining
On the right path ain’t no complaining
Go for all go hard like you still hunger paining

In the 10th grade I ain’t even knew how to rap
My matric year I had already aced it
Me and my real niggas I came with
The game drowning and we gotta save it

Heavy responsibilities lie with us
But under pressure we produce diamonds
Leaders of the new school wait until we all in it
Raw and uncut niggas been authentic

Taking off, period
Do it for the money, the power in our city
Even for the love of the music can’t leave it out should have been first of all really
We just set the bar too high and they fall in it

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