(Lyrics) MashBeatz ft A-Reece & Krish – Blood In Blood Out

MashBeatz Blood In Blood Out

MashBeatz Blood In Blood Out Lyrics

MashBeatz Blood In Blood Out Lyrics: Get familiar to the wordings of the song by MashBeatz featuring A-Reece and Krish which is titled “Blood In Blood Out”.


MashBeatz Blood In Blood Out Lyrics

[Verse 1: A-Reece]
Tailor made for this shit, you niggas ain’t cut for it
You wouldn’t do it if you weren’t getting a cut for it
Put my niggas on, now the studio’s star-studded
You better respect it even if you choose to not love it
My niggas ain’t just rapping when they say they had nothing
When y’all was eating me and my niggas was malnourished
I’m standing in front of the gun for it
Niggas act like ex-cons untill they get confronted
I’m well conducted, my niggas are far from it
Put it right under your nose, you niggas get caught running
Say you got the light but most of it comes from us
Nobody knows nothing ’till stories get uncovered
Gave you a chance to tell it, now they gotta hear it from us
Couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes, you sock puppets
Fact remains, nobody did it how I’ve done it
We saw the interviews, you niggas just press runners
What’s a couple rumors compared to the struggles I’ve suffered?
Y’all still out numbered, broke bread with ’em
Just like Jesus at the last supper
And still making more than what I did last summer
Bank roll on every word I utter
One of one you’ll never find another
Still get the studio smokey like Chris Tucker
Niggas pop and disappear as quick as soap bubbles
But it’s Rubber Band Gang, bitch you heard me, I ain’t stutter

But it’s Rubber Band Gang bitch, you heard me, I ain’t stutter
But it’s Rubber Band Gang

[Verse 2: Krish]
Take you back way before I was on the field
Thought I’d make it in sports constantly on the field
Family telling me “put your focus in school, you know the drill”
‘Till today I’m sure ain’t no difference in how they feel
But I ain’t trying to talk on that much, it’s already sealed
They gonna enjoy the fruits of my labor when I get a mill
Niggas fear the shoes we in, they try to brush us off
Acting like we ain’t doing shit that ain’t been done before
I really can’t wait to see the benefits after all
‘Cause we gon’ be at the pinnacle and we’ll never fall
‘Gon have it all, really what you niggas stand for?
Stepping on this knowledge, these veterans and the game talk
Yeah, ’cause we do not relate at all
Y’all niggas fed, we sweat for it all

But it’s Rubber Band Gang
But it’s Rubber Band Gang bitch, you heard me, I ain’t stutter

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