(Lyrics) MashBeatz ft A-Reece – MeduSA

MashBeatz MeduSA Lyrics

MashBeatz MeduSA Lyrics

MashBeatz MeduSA Lyrics: Get familiar with the words of the song by Mashbeatz featuring A-Reece called “Medusa”.


MashBeatz MeduSA Lyrics

[Verse: A-Reece]

God status, Young legend slash/ back-wood addict
Ain’t nothing sweet except the Sweet Aromatic
I’d rather, bury a rapper than to bury the hatchet
Bodies dropping ain’t nobody to catch em’

I don’t do this for a public reaction
I’m locked in, somewhere quietly crafting
In the hills cutting calls all I’m hearing is Static
I don’t trust you I see blood on your dagger

Backstabbers got me walking to my destiny backwards
They don’t like me cause I’m nothing like em’
Taking your crown since you claim the title
Queens weep and Kings die just like Leonidas

I’m dressed in all black attire like I’m a freedom fighter
I’m the one who got you boys inspired
My bitch a goddess n’ I fuck with her because she bias
She fuck with me cause I’m an outlier
Underline it, set a reminder, just don’t deny it


[Verse: Krish]

Yeah, I’m still at it
And I always had it, till today I am problematic
Threw the things I used to consider, I now abandoned
Distractions out the door work can be my new fashion

I can’t stand it, niggas rapping with no message
People they don’t know where they at with it, cause they never addressing
Turned the whole place to a land man, when I step in
Outstanding, I be living wishing It never happened

Yeah, heads off, I’m never caping
The music inside me, with it I stay connected
Rap like I’m the black rabbit
Ground breaking now we have them falling from the top
Topic of discussion don’t care if we dropping tunes or not

Uh! we in are21, ain’t no telling what’s gon be done
All we know it’s dog it gotta be hot
All these niggas is under me, I’m the upper echelon
Steady keeping the legacy running (yeah)

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