(Lyrics) Nasty C – Uno (Cemix)

Nasty C Uno (Cemix) Lyrics

Nasty C Uno (Cemix) Lyrics

Nasty C Uno (Cemix) Lyrics: Here is the lyrics for Nasty C’s the remake of the song by Ambjaay which is titled ” Uno” (cemix)


Nasty C Uno (Cemix) Lyrics





Ivyson is my religion

But I’m God though

Lotta Green

Lotta Chips

Like Nachos

Big Screen

Just to watch a

Hater N***A

Die Slow

Lighting Up green

Tote Beams

Like a light show

Sip Lean

Eat a lotta P***y

Like Die H**S

B***h i’m a star

Side by side

With a type H**

That means she a Typo

ILLOVO my home

Try me

You gon’ be in God’s home

I get the money like a joke

Ha ha ho

I been in and outta offices

Because the money talkative

Pinky finger

Ring finger for the officers

Tall Racks

Boss man Nah

You can’t talk to him

Short N***A

But These Ni***S

Money still ain’t tall as him


Now i’m turning Sam to a bossy B***H

And i’m turning row into a flossy and a saucy B****H

Curtain Call

N***A the show’s over

I’m a hot N***A

Givin’em the cold shoulder

Lil N**A i’ll make one of

My H**S roast Ya

I want a whip with the doors

That be overdosing

Sumo En Route H**

Filling up the OGBs

Like Thutho my bullshit walks in some new


My money talks like scoop, bro you know

Uno Dros Tres Thot H***S Ayeeh

Diamonds dancing and they hugging

That’s squad goals

Shawty bad and the **s so phat

She gon’ make a N***A dance to


Uno Dros Tres Thot H**S Ayeeeh

Ivyson is my religion

But I’m God though

So when you talking to me better keep

your eyes closed

All about the peace but it’s

Fucking the other side so

Uno ,Dos ,Tres ,Shots down

I’m clean but my double cup not though

I like Kwaito and Amapiano

But i could never turn HipHop into a side H**



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