Aaron Krause Net Worth: Scrub Daddy Multimillion Success

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Aaron Krause Net Worth

Aaron Krause, the CEO and founder of Scrub Daddy, was born on February 1, 1969. At his core, he has always been an inventor. His adventure started with a straightforward concept that will transform the cleaning product market in the end. Let’s look into Aaron Krause Net Worth, early years, career, personal life, controversies, awards and achievements.

Aaron Krause Net Worth

Nickname:Aaron Krause
Real Name:Aaron Krause
Net Worth:$100 million
Birthplace:United States
Weight:80 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Date of Birth:February 1, 1969
Height:1.70 m
Source of Wealth:Business
Education:Syracuse University

Early Years

Krause was always passionate about problem-solving and invention. After earning a psychology degree from Syracuse University, Krause followed his entrepreneurial flair and launched a car wash company. Due of his dissatisfaction with the current buffing pads, he filed for his first invention.

Through this endeavor, he created a ground-breaking urethane foam buffing pad that served as the basis for Scrub Daddy. He discovered his new buffing pad was exceptional after using it.


Krause was employed in a facility in 2006 where urethane foam buffing pads were produced. He invented a solution to clean his hands because they were always coated in grease and oil. Krause designed the first iteration of the now-famous Scrub Daddy sponge because he was frustrated with how hard it was to clean his hands. He asked for samples of foam from several vendors until he found one that was specially created by a German manufacturer. Krause made a happy-faced sponge out of it by cutting it into a ridged circle with two holes in the centre to increase grip. Scrub Daddy was born as a result.

However, Aaron had difficulties for a long time. He took 3M to acquire his buffing pad firm, leaving Scrub Daddy out of the transaction. The sponges were kept in a “scrap” box at the rear of the factory. Aaron didn’t see the box again until 2011, when his wife pushed him to clean the lawn chairs. When he submerged the sponge in hot water, it changed, becoming malleable and squishy. He had unintentionally produced a dual-texture, scratch-resistant marvel that will revolutionise the cleaning industry. He started selling Scrub Daddy at neighbourhood hardware stores with his wife’s support, and soon he was featured on QVC.

Shark Tank Success

Aaron made his debut on Scrub Daddy when he featured on the reality TV programme “Shark Tank.” The happy-looking sponge won over the hearts of both investors and viewers. Since then, Scrub Daddy has sold over 25 million units and established himself as a household name. Its special texture adjusts to the temperature of the water, making it useful for a range of cleaning applications.

After Krause made an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2012, Lori Greiner gave her $200,000 in exchange for 20% of the company. Sales of Scrub Daddy skyrocketed to over $100 million as a result of this agreement, propelling the company into the mainstream. Scrub Daddy is currently one of the most successful Shark Tank products ever, with a $170 million market value.

Personal Life

Krause is a loving father of two children and husband.


Scrub Daddy has been under fire for its effects on the environment because the sponges don’t break down naturally. In 2021, the business responded by introducing a recycling programme that lets consumers return unwanted sponges and get credit for future purchases. After being gathered, the sponges are burned to fuel cement kilns.

Awards and Achievements

– Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2013)
– Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies (2014)
– Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America (2015, 2016, 2017)
– Scrub Daddy’s induction into the Shark Tank Hall of Fame (2020)

Frequently Asked Questions About Aaron Krause

1. Who is Aaron Krause?

Krause is the founder and CEO of Scrub Daddy.

2. What is Aaron Krause famous for?

Krause is famous for inventing Scrub Daddy.

3. What inspired Aaron Krause to create Scrub Daddy?

Krause created Scrub Daddy as a solution to clean his hands while manufacturing buffing pads.

4. What is unique about Scrub Daddy?

Scrub Daddy changes texture based on water temperature.

5. Was Scrub Daddy successful?

Yes, Scrub Daddy became very successful and is the third-largest sponge company in the US.

6. Did Aaron Krause appear on Shark Tank?

Yes, Krause appeared on Shark Tank and accepted an investment offer from Lori Greiner.

7. What other products does Scrub Daddy offer?

Scrub Daddy offers scouring pads, dual-sided sponges, sink organizers, soap dispensers, and household erasers.

8. What is Aaron Krause’s educational background?

Krause graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Marketing.

9. What was Aaron Krause’s first business?

Krause’s first business was a car washing business that used urethane foam for polishing cars.

10. What other inventions does Aaron Krause have?

Krause has invented buffing pads and the Ion Belt, a wearable device for recharging smartphones.

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