AKA Defends DJ Maphorisa’s Skills

AKA Defends DJ Maphorisa's Skills

AKA Defends DJ Maphorisa’s Skills

AKA Defends DJ Maphorisa’s Skills: AKA proves himself to be a DJ Maphorisa fan when he defended him against suggestions that Kabza de Small was better at music production than him.

DJ Maphorisa and Kabza de Small have been on several collaborations and their latest is the album “The Return of the Scorpion Kings”.

Supa Mega had tweeted that Dj Maphorisa is the G.O.AT but the artist got hit with the claim by several persons that DJ Maphorisa is using Kabza. Well, Supa Mega in Dj Maphorisa’s defense tweeted that the latter has been dropping hits.

A few days ago, Maphorisa was accused of overworking Kabza after he had posted a picture where the latter looked tired. Kabza in an interview with Tshisa Live cleared the air saying “I’m actually very young. I’m younger than Maphorisa. Exhaustion is definitely a false claim. I’m more alive and happy than I’ve ever been in my career,” he said.

Dj Maphorisa for a while has been under fire from the internet, from the news of overworking Kabza to the gist of signing Faith Nketsi whom hip-hop fans say can’t rap.

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