Boity Accused Of Stealing Her Song Bakae

Boity Accused Of Stealing Her Song Bakae
Boity Accused Of Stealing Her Song Bakae

Boity Accused Of Stealing Her Song Bakae: South African artiste and reality TV star Boity is being accused of stealing her song “Bakae” which was released in February 2019. A UK based rapper Karen Francis, is currently preparing to take legal actions after claiming that Boity had stolen her song titled “Cake” which was released in 2018.

“I could recognize my signature and my structure on Boity’s verses. I’m a songwriter and I can write a song in minutes. I took time to really structure that song “Cake” to really put my signature on it and show a part of me that people are not acquainted.

I played the song for people I know, managers in the South African music industry, producers and different artists and it was the same thing. Once you hear it you can’t unhear the similarities” said Karen.

It is known that Bakae was composed by Boity and Reason, Karen is not sure who between the two is responsible for the alleged theft and she recently filed a lawsuit for Boity and Universal Music, this might be the reason Universal is stopping Boity from releasing any new songs.

She went on to say “We are now awaiting results from forensic analysts who will be able to prove that Bakae manipulated Cake and that my sound and authenticity were stolen. Now it’s about finding out who is responsible and make sure they are held accountable. I’ve just finalized my own record deal and I’ve got the funds to fight this.”

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