Does Boity’s Rap Sound like Cassper’s Style?

Does Boity's Rap Sound like Cassper's Style?

Does Boity’s Rap Sound like Cassper’s Style?

Does Boity’s Rap Sound like Cassper’s Style: Amidst all the praise and commendation for Boity‘s verse on Utatakho Remix, there has been a lot of comparing her rap style to Cassper’s rap style going on.

Fans of the two artistes are maintaining that Boity sounds so much like Cassper. Boity and Cassper used to be lovers and it is not surprising to hear that one sounded like the other. Fans even suggested that Cassper must have left a bit of his rap DNA in her.

Boity who is doing well for herself despite being new to the mainstream of rapping in such a short while. With Bakae and Wuz Dat as solos to her credit, she has collaborated with Stogie T and most recently with Yanga Chief. She also has an upcoming Collaboration with Anatii and The Big Hash.

Fans are calling for Collaboration from the two artistes. That’s what the fans yearn for at the moment.

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