Kenneth Copeland Net Worth: A Charismatic Televangelist

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Kenneth Copeland Net Worth

Kenneth Max Copeland is an American Televangelist, Author, Speaker, Pilot, Musician. He is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) and Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. (EMIC). In this article, we will explore Kenneth Copeland Net Worth, early years, career, personal life, and controversies.

Kenneth Copeland Net Worth

Nickname:Kenneth Copeland
Real Name:Kenneth Max Copeland
Net Worth:$750 million
Birthplace:Lubbock, Texas
Weight:65 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Gloria Copeland
Children:Kellie Copeland Swisher, John Copeland, Terri Pearsons
Date of Birth:December 6, 1936
Height:1.69 m
Profession:Televangelist, Author, Speaker, Pilot, Musician
Source of Wealth:Evangelism
Education:Oral Roberts University, Polytechnic Senior High School
Father:Aubrey Wayne Copeland
Mother:Vinita Pearl Owens

Early Years

Kenneth Max Copeland was born on December 6, 1936, in Lubbock, Texas, to Aubrey Wayne and Vinita Pearl Copeland. Growing up near an Air Force installation spurred his desire to become a pilot. He then became a recording artist and musician before pursuing a career in ministry.


Copeland’s music career expanded in 1950s when he signed with Imperial Records. when he signed with Imperial Records. In 1957, his single “Pledge of Love” peaked at number 40 and earned him a gold record. Following a few years in the music industry, Copeland enrolled at Oral Roberts University in 1967 to pursue a career in ministry. He quickly became Oral Roberts’ personal pilot and chauffeur.

In 1967, after attending Kenneth E. Hagin’s Pastor Seminars, Copeland and his wife Gloria established Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) in Fort Worth, Texas. Their motto: “Jesus is Lord.” Copeland promotes prosperity theology as part of the Word of Faith movement. It teaches that God’s will for believers is to be prosperous and healthy. Giving to ministry unlocks heavenly favour, as Copeland claims a “hundredfold” return on investment. His ministry has expanded to include a variety of media sources, including the Believer’s Voice of Victory television show, which airs on Christian networks such as GOD TV and Daystar Television Network.

He is the Founder of Eagle Mountain International Church, Kenneth Copeland Bible College and Kenneth Copeland Airport.

Copeland is also an author having written books like “A Ceremony of Marriage (2012),” “The Power of the Tongue (2012) and many more.

Personal Life

Copeland has been married three times: to Ivy Bodiford (1955-1958), Cynthia Davis (1958-1961), and Gloria Neece (1963-present). He has three children: Terri, John, and Kellie. His family is actively involved in the ministry, with Gloria co-hosting the flagship broadcast and their children preaching at various events.

In 2021, Copeland was reportedly the wealthiest pastor in America, with a net worth of $750 million.


Copeland’s extravagant lifestyle has created controversy, with criticism thrown at him.

He owns a number of jets, including a $20 million Gulfstream V purchased from Tyler Perry.
Mansions: He lives in a $6.3 million lakefront house provided by his church.

Copeland made remarks tying measles vaccines to autism and said the pandemic will soon be over, asking followers to continue giving even if they lost their jobs. He claimed to have cured viewers of COVID-19 through his television broadcasts.

His support for Israel through various initiatives made people to criticize him.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kenneth Copeland

1. Who is Kenneth Copeland?

Copeland is a televangelist and the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM).

2. When was Kenneth Copeland born?

Copeland was born on December 6, 1936.

3. What is Kenneth Copeland’s net worth?

Kenneth Copeland’s net worth is estimated to be around $300 million.

4. How many private jets does Kenneth Copeland own?

Copeland owns three private jets.

5. What is the name of Kenneth Copeland’s church?

The name of Kenneth Copeland’s church is Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC).

6. What is the prosperity gospel?

The prosperity gospel is a belief that divine favor is expressed in material and financial blessings, and that giving to ministries unlocks this favor.

7. Is Kenneth Copeland married?

Yes, Copeland is married to Gloria Copeland.

8. How many children does Kenneth Copeland have?

Copeland has three children: Terri, John, and Kellie.

9. What is Kenneth Copeland’s educational background?

Copeland attended Oral Roberts University but did not graduate.

10. What is Kenneth Copeland’s relationship with TBN?

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) dropped Copeland’s show, “Believer’s Voice of Victory,” from their programming lineup in 2020.

11. What is Kenneth Copeland’s stance on vaccines?

Copeland has made statements linking measles vaccines to autism.

12. What did Kenneth say about COVID-19?

Copeland claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic had ended or would soon end and that his followers would be healed from the virus.

Wrap Up

Copeland’s ministry continues to impact lives worldwide, blending faith, prosperity, and controversy.

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