More Details On Nelli Tembe’s Death Resurface

More Details On Nelli Tembe's Death Resurface
More Details On Nelli Tembe’s Death Resurface

More Details On Nelli Tembe’s Death Resurface: More stories keep popping up concerning the death of Anele Nelli Tembe. The 21 year old who jumped to her death on the 11th of May 2021, was said to have committed suicide. Her father, Moses Tembe, debunked such news, but he did affirm that she abused drugs.

The deceased’s father further said that he has hired a private investigator to reveal the truth behind the death of his daughter.

An anonymous source recently came up to disclose what transpired on the night Nelli died. He revealed that a fight broke out between the two lovers in the hotel after retreating from a gig. He said AKA then video-phoned Anele’s cousin and explained to her that Anele was fighting with him and even showed her the injuries sustained to his hands.

The rapper later handed the phone to Nelli, so the cousin could help calm her down, and he excused himself to the toilet.

Sadly, it was reported that Nelli jumped off the balcony while talking to the cousin.

Meanwhile, it was reported that AKA suspected the Tembe’s are trying to accuse him of what he didn’t do. He keeps insisting that he is innocent despite all the accusations.

According to Sunday World, “A source said tension between AKA and Anele’s family started when the Tembe family unceremoniously removed him at the 11th hour from the funeral programme. He was supposed to deliver a eulogy for Anele. Sensing that there was tension, AKA did not go to Anele’s parental house after the service but returned to his home in Joburg”.

And the drama continues.

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