Passion Java Net Worth: Zimbabwean Socialite

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Passion Java Net Worth

Passion Java, born Panganai Java on October 28, 1988, is a Zimbabwean pastor, socialite, author, entrepreneur, and music promoter. His unique combination of religious leadership and flamboyant lifestyle has made him a divisive figure. This article provides an overview of Passion Java Net Worth, early years, career, personal life, honors, and achievements.

Passion Java Net Worth

Nickname:Passion Java
Real Name:Panganai Java
Net Worth:$50 million
Birthplace:Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe
Weight:75 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Lily Tsegaye Java
Children:Uebert Angel, Lemuel, Raphael, Uriel
Date of Birth:October 28, 1988
Height:1.76 m
Profession:Pastor, Socialite, Author, Entrepreneur, Music promoter
Source of Wealth:Media, Music
Education:Seke 2 High School
Father:Charles Java
Mother:Cristine Rambanepasi Java

Early Years

Passion Java hails from Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe. He is the sixth and youngest child of Charles Java (father) and Cristine Rambanepasi Java (mother). Both parents have since passed away.
Passion attended Seke 2 High School.


Passion discovered his prophesy gift in fourth grade and began serving in church ministry under the leadership of Apostle Batsirai Java’s Tabernacles of Grace.
Passion Java Ministries began in Zimbabwe and gradually grew throughout Africa. His incredible feats and marvels have attracted notice.

Passion Java began his ministry career with his brother’s church, Tabernacles of Grace, before founding his own church, Kingdom Embassy, in 2010. He became well-known for his prophetic powers, frequently astounded audiences by accurately guessing phone and ID numbers during services. Java sparked controversy in 2013 when he claimed to have conducted a miraculous abortion.

Java ventured into the music industry with mentors like as Noel Jones and Benny Hinn, establishing PJ Records in 2015 to provide free recording services to gospel singers. He then promoted Zimdancehall musicians and staged live concerts during the COVID-19 epidemic with the Gara Mumba Iwe Series.

Java entered the political scene by endorsing Emmerson Mnangagwa for Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections and actively supporting ZANU-PF campaigns. He worked with musicians to spread Mnangagwa’s message and joined the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) to support the National Development Strategy, which coordinated with Mnangagwa’s re-election campaign. Passion Java’s influence was recognized in 2021, when he was named one of Zimbabwe’s most important people under 40.

Personal life

Passion married Yasmin Java and they had one child together. They separated in 2015. He also got remarried to Lily Tsegaye Java in 2016. The couple has 3 children together.


Passion Java’s cars, mansion, and opulent lifestyle have raised eyebrows, prompting some to question his authenticity as a religious leader.
Controversy surrounds his ministry because of the gifts he obtains for performing miracles.

Passion Java has faced criticism from the media and other Christian pastors for his opulent lifestyle, which some consider excessive. Journalists such as Hopewell Chin’ono have spoken out against his high profile on social media and tight friendship with President Mnangagwa. In 2021, Java drew outrage after a video appeared of him showcasing his gun collection, raising questions about his ownership of weaponry and tattoos, which he ties with his support for the Mnangagwa regime.

Furthermore, Java has been accused of dishonesty by some people, and the Zimbabwe Republic Police warned the public about him in August 2020. He recently made headlines for allegedly racking up a 1.3 million South African rand (more than $85,000 USD) bar tab at a restaurant in Pretoria, South Africa. This expenditure was eventually linked to cash from the Covidgate incident, which involved President Mnangagwa’s family, sparking further questions about Java’s relationships and spending habits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Passion Java

1. Who is Passion Java?

Java is a Zimbabwean pastor, prophet, and social media personality known for his charismatic style and prophetic ministry.

2. What is Passion Java’s background?

Java began his ministry work at his brother’s church before founding his own church called Kingdom Embassy in 2010.

3. How did Passion Java gain fame?

Java gained prominence for his prophetic abilities, such as predicting phone and ID numbers of audience members during church services.

4. What controversies has Passion Java been involved in?

Java has faced criticism for his extravagant lifestyle, including gun possession and tattoos, as well as his close ties to political figures.

5. What is Kingdom TV?

Kingdom TV was a satellite television channel launched by Passion Java for his church, Kingdom Embassy, which later shut down due to unpaid fees.

6. What is PJ Records?

PJ Records is a music label founded by Passion Java in 2015, offering free recording services to gospel artists.

7. Who are some artists promoted by Passion Java?

Java has promoted Zimdancehall artists like Enzo Ishall, Soul Jah Love, Buffalo Souljah, Jah Master, and Roki through his record label.

8. What is the Gara Mumba Iwe Series?

The Gara Mumba Iwe Series was launched by Passion Java in 2020, providing a platform for artists to perform live on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

9. What political involvement does Passion Java have?

Java has endorsed political figures like Emmerson Mnangagwa and actively supported campaigns for ZANU PF in Zimbabwe.

10. Why has Passion Java been labeled a conman?

Some individuals have accused Java of dishonesty, and the Zimbabwe Republic Police issued warnings about him in 2020.

11. What criticisms has Passion Java faced from other pastors?

Java has been criticized by fellow Christian pastors for his lifestyle and the influence he wields on social media.

12. What was the controversy surrounding Passion Java’s bar tab in South Africa?

Java made headlines for a large bar tab he reportedly accumulated in Pretoria, South Africa, linked to funds from the Covidgate scandal.

13. What awards or recognition has Passion Java received?

Java was named one of the most influential Zimbabweans under 40 in 2021.


Java’s diverse career, outspoken demeanor, and contributions to both religion and entertainment make him a well-known figure in Zimbabwe.

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