(Lyrics) Priddy Ugly – 30 Minutes To Soweto

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Priddy Ugly 30 Minutes To Soweto Lyrics

Priddy Ugly 30 Minutes To Soweto Lyrics

Priddy Ugly 30 Minutes To Soweto Lyrics: Priddy Ugly made official the full song lyrics for his Hip Hop jam titled “30 Minutes To Soweto“.


Full Song Lyrics below:

[Verse 1]
Meadowlands to Birch Acres, Kempton to Soweto
Had some neighbours right next door that never stepped into the ghetto
Lerato passed away before she stepped into stilettos
Most majitas are Pinocchio that never met Geppetto
Most of our fathers were the type to beat our mothers
So our mothers wore a face-beat just to keep it undercover
And deep benеath the covers therе were heaps of secret lovers
Love we need to rediscover, just to teach it to each other
Many, many nights my mother cried herself to sleep
She never got the flowers for the times that she would weep
But black and blue eyes were the prizes she received
So my mother looked to God for the guidance she would seek, mh
Mae desculpe
My granny told us: Pray kea le kopa, kea le kopa
Tsoga badimo ba hau bao tsusa
Di poko tsao di skao tshusa


[Verse 2]
But of course
My cousin was a boss, in the block he was hot
Always kept it cocked, kept the Glock by his crotch
Made a lotta guap for the rock he would stock
If you spot the cops, tuck the pot in your sock
Copped a droptop, cherries tops they would drop (Drop)
Spinnin’ in a box and it cost him a lot
Was tryna live soft at the top in a loft
Was ’bout to lift off, when he got shot by an opp
A different world but the same hell
My other cousin in and out of a jail cell
It got my aunties thinkin’ they failed
Alotta o’ my uncles dipped and they bailed, cuz didn’t make bail
Spelete, na batla chelete, ka di rekere
Dripping like, like a sphetlele, ya di keleme
Ska mamela di menemene, le bo “vele vele”
Ne o bhabha jaka pelepele, nou wa bekezel’


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