Phil Knight Net Worth: The Prestigious Nike Founder

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Phil Knight Net Worth

Phil Knight is an American billionaire businessman and the visionary behind Nike Inc. He embarked on a remarkable journey that transformed the athletic footwear industry. This article provides an overview of Phil Knight Net Worth, early years, career, personal life, honors, and achievements.

Phil Knight Net Worth

Nickname:Phil Knight
Real Name:Philip Hampson Knight
Net Worth:$40.1 billion
Birthplace:Portland, Oregon
Weight:82 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Penny Knight
Children:Travis Knight, Christina Knight, Matthew Knight (Deceased)
Date of Birth:February 24, 1938
Height:1.76 m
Source of Wealth:Business
Education:Stanford Graduate School of Business, Cleveland High School, University of Oregon, Charles H. Lundquist College of Business, Stanford University
Father:William W. Knight
Mother:Lota Hatfield Knight
Sister:Jeanne Knight, Joanne Knight

Early Years

Philip Hampson Knight was born February 24, 1938, in Portland, Oregon. Knight met his future business partner, Bill Bowerman, at the University of Oregon. Bowerman coached the school’s track and field club, which Knight joined after attending university in 1957. After graduating from Oregon and enrolling at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Knight came up with the idea of importing high-quality, comfortable running shoes from Japan and selling them in America. During a trip to the country, he found Tiger brand shoes and struck a deal to market them in the US. When Knight received his first sneaker samples, he sent two pairs to his former mentor for his feedback. Bowerman was immediately sold on the shoes and offered to be Knight’s partner. They launched Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, first importing high-quality running shoes from Japan.

The Birth of Nike

In 1971, Knight and Bowerman rebranded as Nike, after the Greek goddess of victory. The couple expanded their business by being clever and scrappy, coming up with unique ways to sell their shoes. One of Knight’s early marketing achievements entailed claiming that “four of the top seven finishers” in the 1972 Olympic marathon wore Nike trainers, despite the fact that the gold, silver and bronze medalists were all wearing Adidas.

In the early 1980s, Knight’s company was in a slump. The company lost money in 1984, and its stock has struggled since going public in 1980. Knight wanted the company to enter the basketball market, and one of his salesmen, Sonny Vaccaro, had an idea to strike a contract with Michael Jordan, who was only a rookie at the time. Though Knight was apprehensive to see the concept come to fulfilment, Vaccaro persuaded him and Nike’s director of marketing at the time, Rob Strasser, to take the gamble on Jordan.

While Nike expected to generate $3 million in the first three years, Air Jordans outperformed expectations, earning $126 million in just the first year. The sneakers expanded into a complete Jordan brand, and Nike released a line of Air items.

Knight wrote his memoir, “Shoe Dog,” in 2016, which chronicled Nike’s progress as well as his personal transformation.

Personal Life

Knight married Penny in 1968. In addition to keeping up his accounting job, he became an accounting lecturer at Portland State University, where he first met his future wife, Penelope “Penny” Parks. They married in September 1968 and have two children. While the Knights keep a quiet profile, they are well-known for their philanthropic endeavours, having donated billions of dollars to numerous institutions.

In 2004, his son died in a scuba diving accident. Matthew, Knight’s son, died in 2004 while diving with friends in a lake east of San Salvador. Matthew was only 34 years old, and Knight discussed how heartbreaking the sudden loss was in his book and interviews at the time.

Honors and Achievements

Knight earned the prestigious title of the “Most Powerful Man in Sports” in 1993. In 1982, the University of Oregon honored him with the Pioneer Award, acknowledging his pioneering contributions. Business Weekly recognized him as one of America’s top managers in 1997.

In 2000, Knight was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame for his Special Contribution to Sports in Oregon. On September 7, 2012, Knight was inducted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, as a contributor.

In 1989, Knight received the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phil Knight

1. Who is Phil Knight?

Knight is the co-founder of the sportswear company Nike.

2. When was Phil Knight born?

Knight was born in Portland, Oregon on February 24, 1938.

3. What is Phil Knight’s educational background?

Knight attended Cleveland High School in southeast Portland. He also attended the University of Oregon, where he ran for the track and field team and earned a business degree.

4. What is Phil Knight’s net worth?

Phil Knight’s net worth is $40.1 billion.

5. How did Phil Knight start Nike?

Knight and his former track coach Bill Bowerman co-founded Nike in 1964, initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports.

6. What philanthropic activities is Phil Knight involved in?

Knight and his wife, Penny Knight, are notable philanthropists. They have made significant donations to various causes, including education, healthcare, and scientific research.

7. Is Phil Knight still the CEO of Nike?

Knight stepped down as CEO of Nike in 2004. He is still involved with Nike as chairman emeritus of the sports company.

8. What is the name of Phil Knight’s book?

Knight published a memoir titled “Shoe Dog” in 2016.

9. What inspired the Nike Swoosh logo?

The Swoosh logo was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, representing excellence and achievement.

10. What awards and honors has Phil Knight received?

Knight received Stanford University’s most prestigious alumni volunteer service award, the Degree of Uncommon Citizen.

11. What impact did Phil Knight have on the athletic shoe industry?

Knight revolutionized the industry by creating lightweight, comfortable shoes for athletes.

12. Is Phil Knight a Republican?

Knight is a registered Republican and a frequent contributor to Republican political candidates in Oregon.

13. Who plays Phil Knight in the movie “Air”?

Ben Affleck plays Phil Knight in the movie “Air: Courting a Legend.”

14. What is the name of Phil Knight’s wife?

Knight’s wife is Penelope “Penny” Parks.

15. How many children does Phil Knight have?

Knight has three children, and their eldest son, Matthew Knight, died in a scuba-diving accident in 2004.


Phil Knight’s journey from selling shoes out of his car to building a billion-dollar empire exemplifies resilience, innovation, and determination. Nike’s swoosh logo has become synonymous with excellence, and Knight’s legacy continues to inspire generations.

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