Somizi Mhlongo Net Worth: Unveiling the Multifaceted Journey

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Somizi Mhlongo Net Worth

The entertainment industry has been forever changed by the multidimensional South African entertainer, choreographer, and media personality Somizi Mhlongo. The story of Somizi’s rise from modest origins to global fame is one of brilliance, tenacity, and controversy. In this article, Let’s explore Somizi Mhlongo net worth, early years, career, personal life and controversies.

Somizi Mhlongo Net Worth

Nickname: Somgaga
Real Name: Somizi Buyani Mhlongo
Net Worth: $5 million
Birth Place: Soweto, South Africa
Weight: 67 kg
Sexual Orientation: PanSexual
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: Bahumi Madisakwane
Girlfriend: None
Date of Birth: December 23, 1972
Gender: Male
Height: 1.68 m
Profession: Media personality, Television presenter, Actor, Choreographer, socialite
South African
Source of Wealth: Influencing, Dance
Education: None
Father: Ndaba Mhlongo
Mother: Mary Twala
Brother: Archie(Deaceased)
Sister: None

Early Years

Somizi Buyani Mhlongo was born on December 23, 1972, in Soweto, South Africa. His parents, comedian Ndaba Mhlongo and renowned actress Mary Twala, instilled in him a love of the arts. Somizi’s early exposure to the entertainment industry, growing up in a dynamic world, provided the groundwork for his famous career.


Somizi has worked in a variety of entertainment-related fields. Somizi’s first successes were as a dancer and choreographer, where he participated in many national and international performances to display his skills. His charisma and captivating theatrical presence quickly propelled him into the television industry.

His big break came in 1992 when he choreographed for the movie “Sarafina!” With this achievement, a thriving career that included acting, hosting, and reality television began.

Due to his involvement in reality TV, especially as a judge on “Idols South Africa,” Somizi gained popularity among a wider demographic. The popularity of the show was largely attributed to his flamboyant manner, funny comments, and real personality, which cemented his image as a well-liked public figure.

Personal Life

Somizi Mhlongo’s personal life has seen various twists and turns. He dated actress Palesa Madisakwane while in a relationship with another person, prompting him to come out as bisexual. Together, they had a daughter named Bahumi Madisakwane in 1995. Later, Somizi identified as gay, and his relationship with Madisakwane ended.

In 2017, rumors circulated about Somizi dating South African model Mohale Tebogo Motaung. The couple confirmed their relationship in 2018 and got engaged during a vacation in Paris. They had a traditional wedding in September 2019 and a white wedding in January 2020. However, they announced their separation in 2021.

In a surprising turn of events in March 2023, Somizi withdrew his divorce from Mohale. It was revealed that their marriage was not legally binding despite their public wedding ceremonies.


He came under fire from the public in 2020 after it was claimed that he had violated COVID-19 rules while getting married. Discussions concerning celebrity responsibility and accountability during the pandemic were triggered by the occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Somizi Mhlongo

1. Who is Somizi Mhlongo?

Somizi Mhlongo is an entertainer, actor, choreographer, and media personality from South Africa.

2. What is Somizi’s full name and birthdate?

Somizi’s full name is Somizi Buyani Mhlongo, and he was born on December 23, 1972.

3. What are Somizi’s early career highlights?

Somizi became well-known as a dancer and choreographer at a young age, most notably for his work on the 1992 movie “Sarafina!”

4. How did Somizi become famous?

Somizi rose to fame through his roles as a choreographer, actor, and judge on “Idols South Africa.”

5. Is Somizi married?

He was married to Mohale Motaung. They had a lavish wedding ceremony in 2018 but seperated in 2021. It was revealed that their marriage was not legally binding.

6. What controversies has Somizi been involved in?

Somizi was in the news in 2020 for allegedly breaching COVID-19 regulations during his wedding.

7. What TV shows has Somizi been a part of?

Somizi has demonstrated his range of talents by serving as a judge on “Idols South Africa” and by making appearances in other television programs.

8. What is Somizi’s net worth?

Somizi has accumulated substantial wealth through his entertainment career, endorsements, and business ventures. He is estimated to be worth around $5 million.

9. How did Somizi contribute to “Sarafina!”?

Somizi was a major dancer and choreographer in the internationally recognized 1992 South African film “Sarafina!”

10. What awards has Somizi won?

He has won honors for his acting, choreography, and his position as a judge on “Idols South Africa.”

11. Does Somizi have children?

Somizi has a daughter named Bahumi from a previous relationship.

12. What is Somizi’s role in the LGBTQ+ community?

Somizi is a well-known public figure who is openly gay and has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, contributing to increased visibility and acceptance.

13. Has Somizi written any books?

He wrote a book called “Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit,” in which he discusses his experiences in life and his career as an entertainer.


It is quite exciting to see how Somizi Mhlongo went from being a little child in Soweto to being a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. His tenacity and unshakable dedication to his work have cemented his status as a cherished figure in South African entertainment, even in the face of controversy. Somizi will continue to have an impact for years to come as he captivates audiences and develops.

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